플럭스페리(FLUXPERI) 브랜드는 일상생활에 지나칠 수 있는 배경이나 사물을 사진에 담아 해석하는 포토그래픽 디자이너 브랜드입니다. Fluxperi is a unisex brand which means a fairy changing constantly. We are premium street brand and its design is composed of a world captured by a photographer Mary. Our concept varies from month to month so we can focus on creating design that featured everydaylives and candid moments.
fluxperi(플럭스페리)/ BRAND CATEGORY / 총 59개 상품 서비스중
여성 반팔티셔츠 후드티셔츠 맨투맨/긴팔티 바지/팬츠 점퍼/집업
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